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If your organization values responsible use of our natural resources and wants to mutually support and be associated with similarly minded organizations to promote the use of sustainable practices in our homes, communities and marketplace, this page is for you!


Having grown out of a broad-based coalition in 2008, Water Returns is very aware of the power and importance of collaboration, especially when it comes to such a vitally important mission that demands the sharing of our knowledge, resources and experiences to achieve success.


We believe sustainable practices must work hand-in-hand with sound business practices in the context of a free market. Accordingly, the scope of our collaboration welcomes for-profit businesses that can test sustainable principles against supply, demand and the bottom line to refine them into practices that will hold up in the real world.


As a small non-profit, we know there are a lot of us out there trying to do a lot of different good things, with not so many resources to accomplish them. So, while we won’t refuse anyone’s financial support that’s not the goal with our Affiliate Organizations. Instead, we’re very flexible about the support we exchange with one another, often being simply mutual recognition and advocacy.


We want this site to be the first place you think of for reliable answers to your questions about and help with your sustainable landscape goals; where targeted News and Events, Projects, Topics and Tips are readily available, as well as a menu of Services and Resources from Water Returns and other trusted industry sources.


“Your Thoughts” will help us accomplish this goal; take a minute and help us help you!



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