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If you build homes or communities, whether for residents, businesses or other commercial/institutional uses, and you want to integrate water-wise landscape principles into their design and branding, you’ve come to the right place!


Having grown out of a broad-based coalition in 2008, including developers, builders, landscape service professionals and owner association representatives, Water Returns is built around the fact that sustainable practices must work hand-in-hand with sound business practices; passing the market tests of supply, demand and the bottom line.


Members of our leadership have worked for  with developers/builders, written design guidelines, managed landscape design-build projects, design review  and contractor relations, and served as board members and consultants for both declarant and owner directed associations, including facilitating the transition from one to the other.


We know the challenges and benefits of committing your company resources to sustainable building and development; the time, cost and effort required to sift through mountains of information to make informed choices that align with your organizational goals, image and values and then implement those choices. Which is why…


We’ve designed Water Returns to extend your capabilities and represent your interests as a trusted advisor, providing objective and proven Services and Resources, such as…


And, our unique business model and non-profit status enable us to provide these services for much less than you would otherwise pay.


We want this site to be the first place you think of for reliable answers to your questions, help with your sustainable landscape goals and targeted News and Events, Projects, Topics and Tips, Services and Resources from Water Returns and other trusted sources.


“Your Thoughts” will help us accomplish this goal; take a minute and help us help you!


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