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If you belong to or manage an owner association, whether for single or multi-family homes or a commercial setting, which has responsibility for common landscape areas and/or jurisdiction over landscape standards for its owners, and your association wants to promote water-wise landscape practices, this page is for you!


Having grown out of a broad-based coalition in 2008, including seasoned owner association representatives, developers, utility providers and landscape service professionals, Water Returns is very attuned to both the challenges and benefits of integrating sustainable landscape practices into a community’s values and standards


We know how to make sustainable landscape practices work in harmony with the governance side of association business; members of our leadership team have written design guidelines, managed the design review process and contractor relations, and served as board members and consultants for declarant and owner directed associations.


We understand the limits of staff, time, financial resources and expertise that associations wrestle with when trying to convert their thirsty landscaped grounds to something more water and dollar wise (and helping their owners do the same). So, we’ve designed Water Returns to be an extension of your capabilities, representing your interests with proven, trustworthy Services and Resources for your leadership and owners, such as…


And, our unique business model and non-profit status enable us to provide these services for much less than you would otherwise pay.


We want this site to be the first place you and your owners think of for reliable answers to questions and help with  sustainable landscape goals; where targeted News and Events, Projects, Topics and Tips are readily available, as well as a menu of Services and Resources from Water Returns and other trusted industry sources


“Your Thoughts” will help us accomplish this goal; take a minute and help us help you!


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