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Packaged Services.


Packaged Services are designed for Client Partners, focusing on communitywide program services, such as facilitating common area landscape installations, modifications and maintenance, staff/board training, contractor relations, communications, community outreach, and creation/revision of design guidelines and water conservation plans.



Our Client Partner Packaged Service Options outlines the menu from which we jointly create your customized mix of services. The extent of services is determined by the level of Partnership you desire – Strategic, Primary or Associate – with each of them having a different amount of service hours and other benefits, as explained in the Client Partner Benefit and Contribution Options.



Regardless of the package and level you select, Water Returns represents your interests in facilitating the delivery of quality, independent and cost-effective services that fulfill your goals and the best in sustainable landscape practices.



To find out more about or request these services, email or call us at / 719-534-0060

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