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We’ve designed Water Returns, as a non-profit, to provide an environment for industry professionals to collaborate in the advancement of sustainable practices, thereby creating a benchmark for consumer trust and a part of the solution to our limited water supplies and increasing water rates.


An important part of promoting the application of these practices, especially with clients considering sustainable landscape practices for the first time, is found in the cost and timing of the return on their initial investment, which typically needs to be relatively small and quick. Once they experience that first ROI, their trust grows and they are more inclined to continue their sustainable landscape transformation.


With this in mind, we have created an initial package of Assessment, Planning and Implementation services that provide the client useful information and deliverables, but carry with them a fairly minor cost. We are able to make these services available for a reasonable price due largely to the in-kind contributions of our Service Partners; a key part of our unique business model.



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