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Service Partner


Our Service Partners are the backbone of our unique business model, annually contributing hundreds of hours of various services and/or products to Water Returns; covering not only landscape Assessment, Planning and Implementation, but also support services, such as graphic/web design, communications, project management, utilities and business consulting.


This “bank” enables Water Returns to provide more customized services to more communities and property owners for much less than they would otherwise pay. We also provide an environment for our Service Partners to collaborate in advancing the higher standard of sustainable practices, creating a benchmark for consumer trust.


As consumer awareness of the value of sustainable landscape practices grows, the demand for companies that apply these practices grows. As a result, Water Returns and its Partners are being used more and more to change thirsty lawns to water-wise ones, thereby helping extend our limited water supplies.


Service Partners participate at one of three levels of partnership, based on the number of services hours and/or products they contribute and benefits they receive.


If you are interested in becoming a Partner, complete our Partner Survey to better understand and select the category and level of partnership you desire. If you want more information or have other questions, email or call us at 719-534-9960.


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