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Our Service Partners contract with Water Returns annually to provide designated blocks of services and products at no cost or deeply discounted rates. This creates a broad-ranged bank of products and services to build customized service packages for our Client Partners and their customers at a fraction of usual costs.


Water Returns' services are built around the Seven Principles of Xeriscape and fall into two categories: Packaged and A La Carte, covering the breadth of landscape Assessment, Planning and Implementation.


Packaged Services are designed for Client Partners, focusing on communitywide         program services, such as common area landscape installations, modifications and maintenance, staff/board training, contractor relations, communications, and more.


 A La Carte Services are available to individual property owners and Client Partners and include training classes, on-site consultations, landscape/irrigation evaluations, plan design and project management.



We sift through the abundance of available information and providers to determine what is trustworthy, accurate and applicable to your needs. We understand, having done a lot of sifting ourselves, and offer the following:


Water Returns Resources grow out of the close working relationships we enjoy with our Partners. Resources are created to meet Partners’ needs and are field tested in actual Water Returns projects and training classes so they achieve their intended purpose.


Additional Resources are available from a number of other trusted sources, in addition to our Service Partners,  that provide helpful, professional and independent information and resources.

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