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Unique Business Model. Unique Advantages.


Water Returns is uniquely qualified to facilitate industry collaboration, application of standards and delivery of quality, independent and cost-effective client services.


As a non-profit, Water Returns provides an environment for stakeholders to jointly develop and implement standards and creative solutions to the challenges of our limited water supply and increasing water rates.

Our Service Partners contract with Water Returns annually to provide designated blocks of services and products at no cost or deeply discounted rates. This creates a broad ranged bank of products and services from which we build customized service packages for our Client Partners and their customers at a fraction of the usual cost.

Water Returns represents the interests of its Clients in facilitating service delivery, which cover all aspects of Assessing, Planning and Implementing landscape installations, modifications and maintenance; covering residential, commercial, institutional or other settings. Projects may be completed with or without use of a Water Returns Service Partner or other contractor.

We continue to raise the bar in providing leading edge sustainable landscape practices at a greatly reduced cost, while representing our clients’ interests – a uniquely attractive combination all the way around!


The program is funded primarily by Client Partner and participation fees,

supplemented by other grants and donations. Water Returns is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



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