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If you supply water to customers that use the resource for landscape related purposes and want to assist them in reducing the water required for their landscape to thrive, while maintaining or improving its aesthetic appeal, this page is for you!


We began in 2008 and continue to grow as a result of our water provider partnerships. We understand water conservation's role in reducing the demand and delaying the timing for costly supply side alternatives. And, how most providers have limited staff, time and money to develop and manage an effective outdoor water conservation program. As a result…


Water Returns is built to be a cost-effective extension of your capabilities, delivering practical, proven and trustworthy Services and Resources to both your staff and customers. We fit around your organizational structure and conservation goals or Water Conservation Plan (WCP), translating them to services tailored to fulfill the goals/WCP, such as…


Our unique business model and non-profit status enable us to provide these services for much less than you would otherwise pay.


We want this site to be the first place you and your customers think of for reliable answers to your questions and help with your sustainable landscape goals; where targeted News and Events, Projects, Topics and Tips are readily available, as well as a menu of Services and Resources from Water Returns and other trusted industry sources.


“Your Thoughts” will help us accomplish this goal; take a minute and help us help you!


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