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Water Returns Resources.



Water Returns Resources grow out of the close working relationships we enjoy with our Partners; created to meet the Partners’ needs and field tested in actual Water Returns projects and training classes, so they achieve their intended purpose.


Project Inspection Checklists – designed to be used as a planning and management tool, outlining the steps in a landscape/irrigation installation or modification project, as well the three key points at which to inspect the contractor’s work, if one is use.


Xeric Tree and Plant List - this list of water-wise trees and plants was developed by Water Returns for Briargate Business Campus, which is located in northern Colorado Springs with a USDA Plant Hardiness Zone designation of 5b.  Although many of these trees and plants will work throughout El Paso Coutny, be sure to visit, or check with your local nursery or landscape professional to determine your zone.


Irrigation Design Principles Class - this Power Point from our Irrigation Design Principles class shows how to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system to get the greatest benefit for your landscape, with the least amount of water.


Sprinkler System Operation and Retrofit Handout - this handout created for Water Returns by repsected local irrigation specialist, Joe Dixon, offers plenty of great information, pointers and additional resources.

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